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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Intoxicating Fragranced Roses - Reine des Violettes

Hybrid Perpetual bred by Mille-Mallet, France, 1860. Seedling of Pope Pius IX (Hybrid Perpetual, Vibert, 1849).

Wonderful colour, violet with a lighter center. The fragrance is strong, in the Old Garden Rose way.

The flowers are 4.25 " - 10,8 cm, 50 to 75 petals, very large, very full, cupped, quartered, reflexed bloom form.

The bush is untidy, arching, often sprawling across the ground and producing bloom at the ends of long shoots. The remedy for this is strict pruning and/or training techniques. Often people will peg the long canes down to the ground, which will encourage the lateral buds to break into bloom.

Height of 4' to 8' - 120cm to 245 cm. Width of 3' to 6' (90 to 185cm).

Remontant, it blooms in flushes throughout the season. Remove spent blooms to encourage re-bloom.

Feed this rose well. Plenty of manure in the soil both at planting time and as a seasonal mulch is recommended. You may want to supplement with Epsom salts and Alfalfa tea as well.

This rose will do well in partially shaded location.
It is thornless.


  1. I have a climbing vine that is called Rosa de Castilla and a bush by the same name. One that shoots branches and shoots from the roots. It blooms only about the end March and into May. I cannot find the reason why it did not bloom this year. Is there a fertilizer that can be used to make it bloom? How do I solve this blooming problem?
    Miguel G. Maturino- Corona Ca. mgmaturin@sbcglobal.net

    1. Hello, Miguel! First of all, I would need some information: for how long do you grow this rose, where is it planted, does it have shade or not, with what other plants is it planted? And which of the two roses has problems, the vine or the bush? Also, some photographs of the roses would be helpful. And I don't think that the climbing vine is Rosa de Castilla, this rose (named also rosa damascena bifera, Quatre Saisons or Autumn Damask) is not a vine. So, please, send me some photos to see what kind of roses are they and what kind of problems are there.
      Best regards,

  2. Hi Florentina, do you think this variety will survive in the southern Philippines region, specifically in Mindanao? I have Alba Maxima growing organically in my farm that flowers all year round and they grow very tall in less than a year - from 1 feet to 6 feet. Can you suggest suitable varieties in this climate? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Kat, it's so nice to hear from you!
      Wow, you have Alba Maxima flowering all year round... I've never heard or seen such a thing, since Alba Maxima is a species and in its homeland, Europe, is in bloom only once a year... That's very interesting, I would love to see pictures of it. Of course, in such a mild climate it will grow very much, very quickly.
      As for Reine des Violettes now: its hardiness goes from 4 zone to 9 zone (like most of the roses), and your area is considered 11 or even 12 zone, as far as I know. That means it could be too hot for this rose. But it's also vigorous, so I would definitely try, if I were you. It's so beautiful, it's worth it.
      Other roses... As I said, it could be too hot for the roses, but just try, nevertheless. I suggest Rose de Rescht, it's so beautifully scented and easy to grow, even for a beginner.
      Madame Isaac Pereire is also a good try, zone 10.
      Marechal Niel is a beautiful climber, it should grow without problems, it's zone 11.
      More appropriate for your zone are some species roses, born in Asia: Rosa Banksiae - zone 10 (be careful, it can grow hugely)Rosa chinensis - zone 11, Rosa filipes ("Kiftgates") - zone 11, also invasive, Rosa gigantea - zone 11, sweetly scented, Rosa moschata - zone 10, All Rugosas should do well in your area, considering their natural ability to adapt and survive.
      Please, keep me informed about your garden :)

  3. So beautiful. I planted a Reine de Voilette last year and can't wait to see what it does this year!

    1. Hello, Teresa! I think you will be amazed... :)
      May you both flourish beautifully this year! :)

  4. Beautiful photos of my fav rose. I bought it in the 1990s and it has been successfully transplanted when we have moved houses. It has flowered in a sheltered position at 600ft on a mountain, and is currently doing ok by the seaside with lots of horse manure. I grow it for the colour and smell. Modern roses just don't seem to have that kind of intoxicating heavy dreamy old smell. She grows next to La Reine Victoria for a pink and purple look.

  5. My Reine flourishes in sandy soil and westerly winds directly off the sea. The most wonderful scent!