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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Intoxicating Fragranced Roses - Nuits de Young

"Nuits de Young", syns Black Moss, Old Black.
Bred by Jean Laffay (France, 1845).

One of the most famous Mosses.The English poet Edward Young (1683-1765) and his poem "Night Thoughts" are commemorated by the anglophile Laffay. The flowers, like his writings, are striking and dark, deepest burgundy velvet lit by golden stamens.

This rose wants to have a place in full sunlight, despite the very dark colour of its blooms, changing from deepest purple to blueish-grey with age, which is not unpleasant in this case. The flowers are quite small, but - what a show! The few visible bright yellow stamens do the trick (just like "Tuscany superb").

It is a small, not very strong-growing, bushy rose, best planted in groups or as a low hedge. It is (like all mosses) very susceptible to rust and mildew. It doesn't like too much humidity as well as in the air or in the ground.

Moss. Dark purple, lighter shading while aging, golden-yellow stamens.
Strong fragrance.
Medium, semi-double to double, cluster-flowered, in small clusters, flat bloom form.
Once-blooming spring or summer.
Mossed buds.
Short, bushy, upright.
Height of 4' to 5' (120 to 150 cm). Width of 3' to 4' (90 to 120 cm).
Zone 3. Can be used for garden or hedge. Prefers full sun.

Award fo Garden Merit in 2001 from the Royal Horticultural Society Show.

"Tired Nature's sweet restorer, balmy Sleep!
(...) And Midnight, universal Midnight, reigns."

The first and last verse of "Night Thoughts", Edward Young.

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