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Monday, February 27, 2012

Intoxicating Fragranced Roses - Star of the Nile

Introduced in USA by Heirloom Roses, bred by John Clements (USA, 2000).
It is a strong and healthy shrub of typical English rose habit, growing rather upright. It blooms profusely in small clusters.
It has a height of 4' - 120 cm and a width of 4' - 120 cm as well.

Zone 6, or zone 5, if it's in a protected area.

The colour is a blend of deep pinks and a paler pink or even with touches of orange backside on the petals. The flowers are 4'' - 10,2 cm and have 80 petals.

The most beautiful feature of this lovely rose is the FRAGRANCE. Incredible fragrance, one of the most extraordinary fragrances encountered. It has a very intense, heady Anise fragrance. The fragrance is strongest at 3/4 open stage of flowers.

The breeder says "the blooms are an intense, deep pink that ages to the blended colours of an Egyptian sunrise" and it bears a myrhh fragrance that is also in its parent The Yeoman - Austin English Roses.

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