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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rosa Foetida Persiana

The same characteristics as Rosa Foetida.
Also named Persian Yellow, Persiana, Jaune de Perse. Unknown origin - before 1838, discovered by Sir Henry Willock (UK, 1837).
Hybrid Foetida, Species Rose (wild).
Golden yellow colour, unpleasant fragrance. Small, semi-double to double, globular bloom form.
Once-blooming spring or summer.
Armed with thorns/prickles, spreading. Small, semi-glossy, fragrant foliage with 7 leaflets. Height of 150 to 200 cm, width of 120 to 150 cm.
Zone 3 or warmer. Susceptible to blackspot. Do not prune, it doesn't like it!
The Swedish Rose Society recommends Rosa Feotida Persiana for northern Sweden.

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